Fujifilm 3D Mammography Viewer
January 23, 2018
January 23, 2018
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Smart mammography workstation for streamlined workfklow and precise diagnosis.


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  • Fast display of detailed image data including 50 μm pixel pitch images
  • One-click creation of “Normal” report
  • High quality images for easier and more accurate diagnosis
  • Intelligent Shutter


Easy Operation

Fast display of detailed image data including 50 μm pixel pitch images

Immediate image display even when scrolling quickly between cases provides a seamless reporting workflow in the most demanding of screening environments.

Customized reading protocols for streamlined reporting workflow

Individual reading protocols are defined to ensure images are automatically displayed according to each user’s personal preference. The order of image display can be preset in addition to automatic 1-to-1 pixel-size display in a synchronized ‘Quadrant View’.

Intuitive and flexible image layout

Through use of the thumbnail window users can instantly obtain an overview of all available images and intuitively rearrange the image layout as required.

Integrated Reporting System

One-click creation of “Normal” report

For patients where no abnormality is detected a report can be generated with a single click, dramatically reducing reporting time in a screening environment. Users can choose from customizable predefined commentswhen describing structures of interest. This ensures maximum speed, accuracy and reproducibility in the reports provided to referrers and clients alike.

Actual breast shape displayed for reporting

Fujifilm’s proprietary technology displays an outline of the actual breast image in the reporting system, thereby avoiding any confusion or translation errors when defining the precise location of a lesion on the image.

Support for Single or Double reporting

Supports a wide range of reporting workflows; including double reading with automatic correlation of results and assignment to a third reader.

High Quality Images

High quality images for easier and more accurate diagnosis

Images with the world’s smallest pixel pitch of 50 μm are displayed, allowing for highly precise visualization of even the most detailed structures.

    • As of November 2012
    • Among FFDM systems

Image processing technology for enhanced image reading

Intelligent Shutter

Intelligent shuttering allows the user to systematically assess and compare tissue in each segment of the breast and helps in the identification of subtle asymmetries in the breast structure. Differences in patient position are automatically detected and the shutter position is adjusted to allow for more accurate comparison.

One-button operation for Image Processing Adjustment

Images can be reprocessed at the touch of a button to provide an alternative display of breast tissue structures and aid in image interpretation.

Intelligent Temporal Comparison (ITC)

An automatic toggle function is available to allow for instantaneous switching between the current and prior images of any given patient. Together with Fujifilm’s image processing technology which compensates diffrences of positioning, this allows images to be directly compared even within a detailed region of interest.