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April 2, 2018
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April 2, 2018
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Bringing more value
Neusoft Abdominal Imaging Solution(NAIS)
In a continuing effort to bring customers more value, Neusoft Medical System has developed the NeuVantage 1.5T MRI system. This product employs an outstanding magnet, advanced 16 channel RF platform and new NAIS clinical solutions de deliver excellent clinical value and utility.Features:
High hardware configuration

  • Innovative magnet with high homogeneity, 50cm FOV. The magnet weight is only 2.9t
  • Powerful gradient system with 35 mT/m Strength and 136 mT/m/ms Slew rate
  • 16ch effective RF system with SENSE technology

Fast workflow and imaging

  • Icon-driven and intuitive scanning software
  • Customized and preset clinical application scan cards
  • DICOM 3.0, easy to support PACS
  • Fast 2 minutes exam scheme

Ecological and Economic Design

  • Minimized site layout
  • Lower running cost with mature and stable magnet and lower helium boil off rate
  • Software updates to keep your MRI scanner ahead of other system

NAIS: A Neusoft Abdominal Imaging Solution

  • 4D Shimming:Excellent imaging for large FOV and off-center imaging
  • NeuSENSE:Enabling simultaneous 2D parallel acceleration up to 4 in real
  • eFLI: enhanced Fat elimination Imaging