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Sealing Machine

Rotosealers,Impulse Sealers and Roll Holders


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Sealing Machines

Range of Heat Sealers and Roll Holders with cutting knifes for daily use.

Reliable closing of sterile barrier system is important to ensure the sterility until the point of use. Options for all uses and common sterile barrier systems used in healthcare facilities.


ROTOSEALERS for quick and reliable closing of sterilisation packaging materials

  • All-day readiness for use
  • Energy saving when the machine is not in use
  • All sealing process parameters are controlled
  • Adjustable temperature rate
  • Provide strong, impermeable seals
  • Manufactured according to European safety regulations

RS120A – advanced model with alarm system

RS300 – reliable and easy to use sealing machine with integrated printer


Impulse Sealers

Impulse sealer IS250 is optimal choice for dental & medical clinics and laboratories. Suitable also for sealing Hot Air rolls.

  • Practical integrated roll holder and built-in cutting device
  • Electronic, automatic sealing time system


Roll Holders

Roll Holders with integrated cutting device, for easy and quick storing and cutting of sterilization reels.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Self-sharpening knife made from hardened steel that provides maintenance free use for years
  • Two steel rods equipped with nylon bearings makes unrolling of reels easy
  • Table models that can be attached to the wall