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250mA Four-Way Movable High Frequency X-ray Machine

Brand – Ysenmed

Model – YSX200G

Country Original – China

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Device info

250mA Four-way movable High Frequency X ray Machine 
-10.4 inches Color TFT large Touch Screen
-The Touch Screen can preview the image and set exposure parameters

X- Ray Tube
Heat Capacity : 1300kHU
Dual Focus : 1.0*1.0mm/2.0*2.0mm
Max. kV:40~125kV stepping by 1kV
Anode speed : 2800r/min

High Voltage Generator
Power Rating: 20KW
Line Nominal, Phase: 220VAC, 1Φ
Inverter frequency : 50kHZ – 220kHZ
kV Range: 40-125KV
mA Range: 10~250mA
mAs Range: 0.1~200mAs
Time Range: 0.001~10 sec

Tube Stand
The tube longitudinal stroke :1300mm
The tube support arm can be extended or rotated
The tube vertical stroke: 1100mm;
The tube rotation angle: ±90°;
The column rotation angle: ±180°;

4 Way Floating Table
Tabletop size:2200*740*630mm
Longitudinal movement range of table bucky: 610mm
Longitudinal movement range of tabletop:800mm
Lateral movement range of tabletop:220mm
Maxim carriage size for radiographic cassette:430mm*430mm
Included Original Bucky Stand

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