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Digital Theodolite DT 940

Brand – Sokkia

Model – Digital Theodolite DT 940

Country of Origin – Japan

Sokkia Digital Theodolite ensure maximum job efficiency at unmatched performance levels. Sokkia’s new theodolites feature superior optics, advanced absolute encoder systems, and proven automatic compensators. In addition to these essential technologies, the Sokkia DTx40 DTx40L series boasts the industry’s highest IP66 dust and water protection capability to withstand the harshest jobsite environments.

Device info

Common Features for All Models

  • 2.5″ – unsurpassed telescope resolving power*

*except for the DT940L

  • IP66 – industry’s highest dust/water protection rating
  • Absolute encoders• Up to 170 hours of operating time

Exclusive Features for the Laser Models:

  • 200m (660ft) – long-range laser pointer
  • 0.4mm@10m – ultra-small beam spot

Sokkia’s Digital Theodolites allow you to survey with ease using the absolute encoder’s new algorithm that operates with remarkably reduced power consumption. When the instrument is restarted, the azimuth is automatically restored to save time on the job site. A large LCD screen provides clear angle reading under all conditions, and thanks to simple 4-key operation, no training is required

Variety of display modes

You can select the angle display unit that best suits you. Horizontal angle is switchable between clockwise and counterclockwise, and angle hold and 0-set functions are also provided. Vertical angle can be set to Zenith=0, Horizontal=0, Horizontal=0+/-, or % of slope.

Enhanced reliability with absolute encoders

Sokkia’s market-proven advanced absolute encoders, which utilize RAB (RAndom Bi-directional) code and digital sampling technology, further enhance the reliability of angle measurement. DT240 guarantees 2″ accuracy for both horizontal and vertical angles.

Ultra-long working hours

With Sokkia’s new algorithm in operating absolute encoders, power consumption has been dramatically reduced. Powered by 2 standard LR14/C alkaline batteries, the DT240 will operate for 75 hours.

One-key Start

You can start taking measurements as soon as you turn on the power, thanks to the absolute encoders. Moreover, azimuth is kept when restarting the instrument after turning off the power.

Easy-to-read, easy-to-use control panels

A large LCD screen provides clear angle readings under all conditions, and thanks to simple 4-key operation no training is required. The DT240 has control panels on both faces for added convenience.

Audible right-angle notification

Once the zero (0) horizontal angle direction is determined, all models emit audible tones for each of the four right-angle directions. Specifically, it sounds two different tones within +/-15 degrees of 90 degrees and stops beeping when it comes within +/-1 degree.

Superior IP66 protection

Complying with the tough IP66 standard for resistance to dust and water, both models offer superior dependability even under harsh environmental conditions.


  • Telescope Magnification: 30X
  • Display Resolution (selectable) H & V: 1″/5″,0.2/1mg, 0.005/0.02mil
  • Accuracy (ISO 12857-2 1997): 2″
  • Display: LCD, 8 digits x 2 lines w/backlight
  • Display location: On both faces
  • Compensator: Dual-axis compensator, working range ±3″ (±55 mgon)
  • Dust and water protection: IP66 (IEC60529)
  • Weight with handle and battery: 4.7kg (10.3lb.)
  • Battery: LR14/C batteries x2
  • Continuous use with alkaline batteries: Approx. 75 hours
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