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Video Naso‑Pharyngo‑Laryngoscope VNL‑1070STK

PENTAX Medical engineers videoscopes to enhance optical quality and endoscope durability. The PENTAX Medical VNL-1070STK features an ultra-slim insertion-tube diameter of 3.3mm – slimmer than standard videoscopes. The ultra-slim distal tip with a tapered shape for easy insertion enables physicians to observe laryngeal and vocal anatomy in childrenmore easily than with conventional scopes.

High-quality imaging

The ultra-slim VNL-1070STK provides detailed high-resolution images for the clear visibility necessary to assess subtle pathology and microvasculature.

Ultra-slim comfort for small patients

The small diameter of the VNL-1070STK insertion tube improves patient tolerance. The tapered 2.9 mm distal end provides smooth insertion and minimizes patient discomfort. PENTAX Medical engineering enables physicians to observe laryngeal anatomy in children more easily than with conventional scopes.

Engineered for comfortable efficiency

The maximum flexibility of PENTAX Medical insertion tubes combined with the ultra-slim design of the VNL-1070STK makes maneuvering in laryngeal anatomy easier for physicians and more comfortable for patients. PENTAX Medical’s unique flexible insertion-tube technology allows smooth operation and insertion to help make procedures faster and more tolerable for patients.

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