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Examination Lighting

Examination Lighting-Sim LED 3500+,350,250

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The latest LED technology also for the examination field

Challenging tasks demand more than conventional solutions. With the innovative Sim.LED family of examination lights, you benefit from all the advantages of the most modern LED technology:

  • the latest monochromatic white-light LEDs
  • patented reflector technology and
  • the arrangement of the LEDs in a unique design with a seamlessly sealed construction.

As a technological leader in the area of LEDs for the OR area, SIMEON has applied its extensive know-how to the examination lights. The result: The new Sim.LED family of our examination lights combines the highest performance values and the best features, together with cost-effective attractiveness. These lights also set new benchmarks in terms of energy consumption, hygiene and cleanliness. Thus, they ensure easily and intelligently that the best examination lights are always available to you.

Revolutionary design

  • The SIMEON triangle design offers the maximum light-emitting surface and optimizes visibility thanks to optimized depth illumination
  • Light head and mounting bracket made of lightweight aluminum enable quick and smooth positioning
  • Seamlessly sealed design meets the highest hygienic demands





Patented reflector technology

  • Sim.POD: three high-performance LEDs of the latest generation in the center of a high-gloss aluminum reflector
  • Optimal illumination: homogenous light field
  • Maximum energy efficiency: Ideal light yield with a small number of LEDs and aluminum reflectors
  • Optimum heat management: best possible heat dissipation thanks to aluminum LED carriers
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