Gastroenterology-Upper GI scope
March 26, 2018
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March 26, 2018
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Gastroenterology-Upper GI scope

Gastroenterology-Upper GI scope-EG16-K10/Transnasal

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Video Upper GI Scopes EG16‑K10 / Transnasal

The EG16-K10 is designed to provide excellent image quality and handling with a slim distal end that may improve patient comfort and expand clinical applications.

Latest technology in endoscopic imaging

The EG16-K10 incorporates the latest imaging sensors for uncompromised image clarity.
The EG16-K10 also has a 140-degree field of view that improves exam efficiency by allowing physicians to see more tissue without maneuvering the scope.

mproved comfort and balance

The redesigned EG16-K10 control body provides an ergonomic interface, and key controls have been optimized to provide efficient operation and control.

Slim distal-end design

The slim distal end of the EG16-K10 eases insertion and provides access through tight strictures, which may improve patient comfort. The EG16-K10 is the optimal endoscope for transnasal endoscopy or in constricted lumens.

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