April 25, 2018
April 26, 2018
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Available tests, Price list and Sample Collection Method

Code No  Available tests  Price Tube, Amount, Method
 He 1  CBC (CP auto)  5,500  EDATA tube (purple), 2ml, Shake
 He 2  CP auto with Blood film report  7,000  EDATA tube (purple), 2ml, Shake
 He 3  HB%  2,800  EDATA tube (purple), 2ml, Shake
 He 4  PCV/ Haematocrit  2,200  EDATA tube (purple), 2ml, Shake
 He 5  ESR  1,800  ESR tube (black), 1.6 ml exactly, Shake
 He 6  Blood grouping and Rh 1,800  EDATA tube (purple), 2ml, Shake
 He 7  Platelet count  2,800  EDATA tube (purple), 2ml, Shake
 He 8  Reticulocyte Count  3,300  EDATA tube (purple), 2ml, Shake
 He 9  Hb electrophoresis  16,500  EDATA tube (purple), 3ml, Shake
 He 10  Signer’s test (HbF)  5,500  EDATA tube (purple), 3ml, Shake
 He 11  SI,E (I,E cells)  6,600  EDATA tube (purple), 3ml, Shake
 He 12  G6PD Screening (quantitative)  7,700  EDATA tube (purple), 3ml, Shake
 He 13  G6PD (quantitative)  75,000  EDATA tube (purple), 3ml, Shake
 He 14 PNH screening 6,600  Please contact Lab
 He 15    Coomb’s test (Direct and Indirect)  6,600 EDATA tube (purple), 3ml, Shake and Plain Tube (red), 3 ml, don’t shake
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