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September 28, 2020
Line Laser LP360G
September 28, 2020
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Line Laser LP360

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Device info


• Emit 1 horizontal 360° plane and 2 vertical line.
• Compact size, easy to carry.
• Laser line blinking and beep alarm if out of self-leveling range.
• Built-in locking system to lock the compensator while in transportation to avoid vibration.
• Laser detector for option for outdoors operation.


Wave length
Working range
Self-leveling range
Laser safety class
Horizontal accuracy
Vertical accuracy
Continuous operating time
Operating temperature

:635nm Red laser diode.
:up to 20m or up to 50m(with detector).
:± 3°.
:Class 2M.
:±2mm /10m.
:±2mm /10m.
:3xAA size batteries .
:around 9hours, all lasers,are powered on.
:-5°C ~ 40°C.
:main unit, magnetic bracket, target plate,manual, batteries, softbag.
:LR60 detector with clamp, laser,glasses, elevator tripod.
:1V360H:1vertial line+360° plane.
2V360H: 2vertial line+360° plane.

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