Stool Tests
April 26, 2018
April 26, 2018
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Available tests, Price list and Sample Collection Method

Code No  Available Tests  Price Tube, Amount, Method
M 1 Sputum AFB 5,000 Sputum bottle, Early morning sputum for 1 day
M 2 Blood for MP 2,200 EDTA tube (pmvle), 2 ml, Shake
M 3 Culture and Sensitivity (Blood) 15,OOO Sterile Blood Bottle, SmL Shake we11

M 4

Culture and Sensitivity (Urine,

Stool Body tluid, Aspirated fluid, Pus, sputum, CSF)






Sterile Bottle


M 5

Culture and Sensitivity (Ear Swa, b

Throat swab, Wound swab)




Sterile Swab Stick

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