Multi line laser LP514/514G
September 29, 2020
Digital Angle Level MDL45
October 1, 2020
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Multi line laser LP412

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10m visible range, indoors
Provision of pulse mode to extend range with optional Line Detector.
Projects 2 x red vertical beams at 90 degrees to each other, to set floor squaring.
1x horizontal line and 1x down dot, to set plumb
Magnetically damped pendulum, auto (self) levels
Pendulum mechanism latch for safe transportation
Out-of-level indication (beams flash)
5/8″ threaded Rotate base with fine adjustment screw
Operates on 3 x AA batteries


Accuracy: +/-2mm @ 10 metres
Self levelling range: ±2.5°
(Instrument will auto level on surfaces up to 2.5 degrees out of true level)
Working range: 10m / 40m with Detector
Laser class: II (1mW)
Wave length: 635-670nm
Power supply: 4.5.dc (3 x AA size batteries)
Operating time: 8 hours continuous
IP rating: IP33
Operating temperature: -10 to +40 deg C
Mounting thread: 5/8″ x 11, ISO standard
Instrument size: 110 x 120 x 170H(mm), including base
Weight: 0.8kg with batteries.

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