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March 30, 2018
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April 2, 2018
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NeuViz Prime CT

NeuViz Prime CT

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NeuViz Prime is a revolutionary product of Neusoft CT family. Gantry rotating faster than ever before, spectral imaging is offered relying on leading-edge hardware and software reformations.


  • Uncompromised with heart rate: With 0.259s ultrafast rotation speed and 25ms temporal resolution, NeuViz Prime never compromises with the high heart rate. Arrhythmia handling and CMC (Cardiac Motion Clear) will also help to ensure successful coronary artery exam
  • Unlimited heat capacity tube: By using freezing cool technology with liquid streaming design, the rotating anode will cooling down as soon as heat produced. No need to warm up and wait for X-Ray tube cooling down
  • Ultra-HD imaging: Micro focus spot, Quad-Sampling technology work with iHD (isotropic High Definition) and 1024 matrix, the spatial resolution can reach 30 lp/cm 0%MTF
  • Dual energy innovation: Spectral imaging adds tissue characterization to morphology, improves the value of radiological department
  • Low dose design: Unique 60kV scanning provides clinical breakthroughs on low dose scanning. It’s significantly beneficial to pediatrics. ClearView iterative reconstruction algorithm can reduce dose for patients of all ages
  • Mobile interconnection solution: Remote images browse and diagnostic by mobile devices, easy and quick patient image access special for emergency case

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