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July 4, 2024
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July 4, 2024
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Device info

The premium performance
The unique SEP design provides steady high flow rates of oxygen with minimum
footprint requirement. Together with molecular sieve protection from moisture
substantily lower the service costs, extends the lifetime and provides savings by
avoiding the molecular sieve replacement.

Oxygen purity: 90% to 95%
Outlet pressure (oxygen): 4 barG (6barG)
Oxygen dew point: -50°C
Operating cost: 1.1kW/m3

Make your choice from the extensive selection of standard solutions or ask us to
design a custom-made oxygen generator to match your needs.

KEY Benefits:
 Zeolite anti-crush design
 No channeling effect
 Minimized footprint
 Mol sieve protection
 Siemens based control system

Standard Features:
 Designed for dynamic pressure loading
 Stainless steel piping
 Colored touch screen control
 Built in purity analyzer for constant monitoring
 Data-logging via USB interface

A full installation comprises a compressor, refrigeration dryer, filters, air tank, generator and oxygen buffer tank.

Scope of supply:
1. Air compressor
2. Cyclone filter with automatic drain
3. Refrigeration dryer
4. Prefilter, particle filter
5. Air tank
6. Oxygen generator
7. Oxygen buffer tank
8. Dust filter

The PSA process
Oxygen Generator consist of two columns filled with molecular sieve (Zeolite).
Pre-treated compressed air enters the active column and follows up through the
Zeolite. Nitrogen and some other gases are being trapped while the oxygen is
allowed to flow through. When the active column is saturated, the air flow is
directed to second column. The first column depressurizes allowing nitrogen to be
purged out to the atmosphere and completely regenerates. In order to secure
steady flow two columns are used, one is active while the other is inactive. At the
end of cycle they switch roles.

Typical applications
Cutting/Brazing/ Soldering – Health-care
Fish farming – Ozone
Glass industry -Veterinary
Gold leaching- Water treatment

Technical Data
Ambient temperature range: 5°C – 50°C
Oxygen outlet pressure: 4barG (6barG)
Oxygen dew point: -50°C
Air inlet pressure: 7.5barG(10barG)
Inlet air quality: ISO: 8573.1:2010 class 1.4.1.
Pressure dew point: 3°C
Filtration grade: 0.01 micron
Power supply: 240-110 V / 50-60 Hz

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