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September 14, 2020
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September 14, 2020
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Sokkia, Total Station FX series 101


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♦ Windows® CE is Ready in a Lightweight, Compact Body
♦ MAGNET™ Field On-Board Application Software
♦RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM
♦LongRange Data Communication*
♦Advanced Angle Measurement System
♦Long-lasting Battery
♦Waterproof, Rugged, and Operator Friendly DesignC card


Magnification / Resolving power
Angle measurement
Display resolution
Accuracy (ISO 17123-3:2001)
IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System)
Dual-axis compensator / Collimation compensation
Distance measurement
Laser output *1
Measuring range(under average conditions*2) Reflectorless*3
Measuring range(under average conditions*2)Reflective sheet*4/*5
Measuring range(under average conditions*2 Mini prisms
Measuring range(under average conditions*2 One AP prism
Measuring range(under average conditions*2 Three AP prisms
Display resolution
Accuracy*2 (ISO 17123-4:2001) (D=measuring distance in mm) Reflectorless*3
Accuracy*2 (ISO 17123-4:2001) (D=measuring distance in mm Reflective sheet*4
Accuracy*2 (ISO 17123-4:2001) (D=measuring distance in mm AP/CP prism
Measuring time*8
OS, Interface and Data management
Operating system / Application
Display / Keyboard
Control panel location*9
Trigger key
Data storage Internal memory
Data storage Plug-in memory device
Bluetooth modem (option)*10
Guide light*12
Levels Graphic
Levels Circular level
Optical plummet
Laser plummet (option)
Dust and water protection
Operating temperature*13
Size with handle*9
Weight with battery & tribrach
Power supply
Battery BDC70 detachable battery
Operating time (20ºC)BD
External battery*14 (option)

‘-30x / 2.5″
-Length: 171mm (6.7in.), Objective aperture: 45mm (1.8in.) (48mm (1.9in.) for EDM),
Image: Erect, Field of view: 1°30′ (26m/1,000m), Minimum focus: 1.3m (4.3ft.), Reticle illumination: 5 brightness levels

-0.5″ / 1″ (0.0001 / 0.0002gon, 0.002 / 0.005mil)
-Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor, working range: ±6′ (±111mgon) / Collimation compensation available

-Reflectorless mode: Class 3R / Prism / sheet mode: Class 1
-0.3 to 500m (1.0 to 1,640ft.)
-RS90N-K: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.) , RS50N-K: 1.3 to 300m (4.3 to 980ft.), RS10N-K: 1.3 to 100m (4.3 to 320ft.)
-CP01: 1.3 to 2,500m (8,200ft.), OR1PA: 1.3 to 500m (1,640ft.)
-1.3 to 4,000m (4.3 to 13,120ft.) / Under good conditions*6: 5,000m (16,400ft.)
-to 5,000m (16,400ft.) / Under good conditions*6: to 6,000m (19,680ft.)
Fine/Rapid: 0.001m / 0.01ft. / 1/8in. Tracking: 0.01m / 0.1ft. / 1/2in.
-(3 + 2ppm x D) mm*7
-(3 + 2ppm x D) mm
-(2 + 2ppm x D) mm
-Fine: 0.9s (initial 1.7s), Rapid: 0.7s (initial 1.4s), Tracking: 0.3s (initial 1.4s)

-Microsoft Windows® CE 6.0 / MAGNET Field
-3.5inch, Semi-transmissive TFT QVGA color LCD with LED backlight, Touch screen, Automatic brightness control / 26 keys with backlight
-On both faces (Face 2 is only touch screen display )
-On right instrument support
-500MB internal memory (includes memory for program files)
-USB flash memory (max. 8GB)
-Serial RS-232C, USB2.0 (Type A / mini B)
-Bluetooth Class 1, Ver.2.1+EDR, Operating range: up to 300m (980ft.)*11

-Coaxial red laser using EDM beam
-Green LED (524nm) and Red LED (626nm), Operating range: 1.3 to 150m (4.3 to 490ft.)*2
-6’ (Inner Circle)
-10’ / 2mm
-Magnification: 3x, Minimum focus: 0.3m (11.8in.) from tribrach bottom
-Red laser diode (635nm±10nm), Beam accuracy: <[email protected], Class 2 laser product
-IP65 (IEC 60529:2001)
-20 to +60ºC (-4 to +140ºF)
-Control panel on both faces: W191 x D190 x H348mm (W7.5 x D7.5 x H13.7in.)
Control panel on one face: W191 x D174 x H348mm (W7.5 x D6.9 x H13.7in.)
-Approx. 5.7kg (12.6 lb.)
-Li-ion rechargeable battery
-Approx. 20hours (single distance measurement every 30 seconds)
-BDC60: approx. 24hours, BDC61: approx. 49hours (single distance measurement every 30 seconds)

Sokkia, Total Station FX series 101

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