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March 26, 2018
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March 26, 2018
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Minor Surgical Lighting

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Sim.LED 4500 – small OR light with large effect

The Sim.LED 4500 is the ideal light for plastic surgery. This product is characterized by its ideal illumination, homogenous light and very good depth illumination. Thus it is also perfect for in-depth examinations which are routine in intensive care. The high-grade materials and unique design offer a wide range of adjustment options, smooth positioning and low heat output from the lights. The very low power consumption is another attractive aspect of the Sim.LED 4500.

  • Homogenous light field thanks to patented reflector technology
  • With continuously variable for individual light setting

The optimum LED light for plastic surgery

The Sim.LED 4500 is the ideal choice for plastic surgery. The Sim.LED 4500 (potentially in combination with a monitor) is well suited to this discipline.

Ideal light for intensive care

It’s at home in intensive care too: With the Sim.LED 4500 placed at the foot end, small interventions can be conducted directly on location.

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