September 12, 2020
CUSTOM PENTAX US, 27” RADIANCE ULTRA, Analog Secondary, SC-WU27-G1522,90X0660
September 12, 2020
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VIDEO GASTRO SCOPE SET i10 series scope, EG27-i10 series

Short Description

i10 Series Endoscopes provide vivid HD+
imaging when combined with the state-ofthe-art EPK-i7010 video processor.

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Device info

-Advanced HD+ Visualization
-i-SCAN™ Image Enhancement
-CloseFocus™ Examination Range
-OE Optical Enhancement
-140° Effective Field of View (EFOV™)
-Enhanced Therapeutic Capabilities
-Larger Instrument Channels
-ERCP Therapeutic Capabilities
-Improved Ergonomic Control
Control Body
-TrueTorque™ Insertion
Tube Design
-i-FLEX™ Graduated
Stiffness Design




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